Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand!!!❗❗❗

WE ARE IN THE END!!!!!!!!! A strong delusion is HERE!

I know it has been a while since I posted anything, but I have been going through another phase of my journey in Christ. I want to be free! I want to be free from the burdens of my past. I need Jesus I’m tired of us as believers getting caught up on names, religions, race, sex and the list goes on and on. It saddens me that as the body of Christ it has gotten to this point. At this point of my life the only thing I want is to be SAVED! I want to be saved by the power and blood of Christ. I have realized that all that this world has to offer is vanity and LIES!

Read my message and read it clearly! Read it SOBERLY!! The Most High GOD is not to be played with! He is not a MAN that HE should LIE neither the son of man that He hath to repent – Numbers 23:19

It hurts my heart how people just don’t care, or maybe it’s because they have rejected The Most High.

I will be honest with you as I type this. I came from an abusive home. I didn’t even think that I was going to make it past 18 I thought I was going to kill myself. But by the GRACE OF GOD!! I am still here I am beginning to understand that Yahweh loves me!! He does not want anyone to perish it is hard walking on the narrow road! It is hard letting go of family and friends because they rather take the V than believe in God. It hurts.. Having faith is so hard but at the same time it really is the easiest thing we can do.

My prayer is that you open your heart to Jesus. Please repent! Please turn to The Most High GOD so that you can be saved from all the terrors that will come on this earth.

Do not take the Vax!!! It is the Mark of the beast!

We are in the end of days… we are in the end. I believe we are. Have faith in Christ. We have to turn from our wicked ways and SEEK Him while He can be found. Its coming a time where the only thing will matter is if we have Christ. No matter how much food you have stocked up, no matter how much resources you have, no matter how much money is saved if you do not have CHRIST then NONE OF IT MATTERS!!!

Those feelings of CONDEMNATION ARE FROM THE ENEMY!! God loves us.. and He whispers to us always we just need to allow ourselves to be open to Him be receptive to His will. I’m not only talking to you, but also myself.



Sabbath Songs: O God, Your a WAYMAKER 🦋🌹

You are true! Your Word will not pass away

It will keep me safe during the great day

Wipe away my tears

Lord only You can take away my fears

Only with my eyes will I see the reward of the wicked

I can hold Your hand as I walk through the thicket

You give me strength! You are my shield!

You make me feel safe as I walk though the fields of life

I praise You Christ for Your precious sacrifice

Can I look into the mirror? Can I see myself?

Please Lord save me from death.

Only You can give eternal life

Only in You will I have life

I love You Yahweh! You always make a way.

Thank You Lord! Hallelujah Praise the King. My King. Our King. El Shaddai.🌹


🕊️The Pain that comes with going No contact {Abuse Awareness}

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After three years of no contact I can honestly say that I feel the anointing of God’s healing power on me I can stand on my own two feet and I know it’s not my strength but Christ. Three years ago when I first went no contact I had just gotten out of a mental hospital undergoing demonic attacks I felt alone, scared, and I was tired of feeling the pain that came from me having my mother in my life. When I first cut communication it was like my mind was trying so desperately to manipulate me into believing that the abuse never happened, then I would have feelings of regret and loneliness. Instead of me acknowledging and accepting that I was abandoned, and abused by my family I would feel as though I was doing to them the very same things they had done to me. I would reverse it. It’s funny how we as humans can do that, it was like I was detoxing from a drug or coming down from a potent high.

Why do victims feel this way? How come after walking from an abusive situation, they feel the need to go back thinking things will change? The answer lies in our childhood one must acknowledge that the environment they grew up in was unnatural the only thing that would make sense is doing things that make no sense. Narcissistic parents train scapegoated children from a early age to cut ties with their original selves, they then mold them to be the physical manifestation of the pain, and anger that they feel on the inside.  When the picked party lashes out at the treatment that’s inflicted on them the whole family stares “in shock”, and amazement.  They are the only brave ones willing to fight on the battlefield this causes the narcissistic parent(abuser) to always seek out ways to keep the picked party “in their place” by using mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse measures.

Things the Victim (Victor) should reflect upon while going no contact:

  • You have been brainwashed into believing that you are the reason why you are being abused and treated unfairly.
  • To not feel pain after going no contact the victor needs to understand that they need healing and to have successful healing they must leave the toxic environment completely.
  • If they cannot leave the toxic environment the victor must start renewing their minds with what the Word of God says about them, and who they are. They must also understand that the narcissistic parent is spiritually sick.
  • Realize that what the abuser says about you doesn’t define you, it just shows that the abuser is intimidated by you.

They will rise because they are HEALED BY GOD, they are victors leading other victims free! CALL ON YAHWEH RAPHA TO HEAL YOU!


If the Son sets you free you will be free indeed.

John 8:36

Sabbath Songs: Beauty in the Rain ☔🌈

Glory! Glory to ye Christ!

Praise the Savior, He is nigh

I have so much love for my King

So much love that He makes my soul sing

Yes! There is beauty in the rain

So much beauty in your pain

As someone once said “, No pain. no gain”.

After the rain, comes a rainbow gain

A beautiful rainbow comes from the clouds

Shout Hallelujah! And shout in loud

This my darling surely is true, in Christ these is neither greek or jew

Why my Lord do you dry my tears?

Why my Lord do you wipe away my fears?

I’ve done so much wrong to thee, I praise You Yah for Your mercy.

So much beauty in my rain, So much of Your glory in my pain.

“My Glory in your story”, He whispers to me.

Beauty in the rain, there’s no more pain

Trust in Me my love and I will set thee free

Like a bird from a cage no longer will you be a prisoner during the end of days

“Real rainbow that I seen” Praise God!

Only put your hope in Christ! He hasn’t failed you once or twice.

Sabbath Songs: Songs to Sing on Sabbath

🌈Embrace your beauty in the rain. Always Praise Him through the pain.🌈

Selah 🌈