😍Beautiful Beaded Anklets 😍

✔✔👀👀❗❗Check out these 💎🌹
💎 Beautiful Beaded Anklets. Cute! Pretty and very lightweight! (More options are coming soon!) ❗❗🦋🦋🌻

😍😍Sweet && Simplistic 😍

Anklet in photo is 9 inches (Average size) Made with Gold and pearl beads size 10/0 Gold butterflies and diamond and chain added. 

Prices displayed are for anklets like the one in the display photo.

Use coupon code NEWBEGINNINGS for 10% off your purchase❗All orders $35.00 and over FREE SHIPPING ❤❤💎💎🦋🦋❗❗

Beautiful Beaded Anklets with added Chain

If customer wants different add ons contact: CovenantKeepsakesJewelry@gmail.com

** Made to Order** 

You will not be disappointed with this handmade anklet! Gift yourself one! Or maybe that special someone in your life 😍😍🥰🥰🌹🌹

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