Check this Out! I’m Presenting: Understanding when to Walk away. Live on Youtube at 6 p.m Central time. 🥰🥰

Link to Youtube video:




Hello My Beautiful WordPress family I am coming on here to let you all know that 6:00 p.m Central time I will be going live on Youtube Tune in as I talk about when you should cut ties with toxic family (Also Known As) going NO CONTACT. I will tell my testimony, and I will also be using scripture. I can also answer questions is you want to ask me any.

I’ll be talking about what circumstances led me to go no contact, and understanding when it is appropriate for you to cut off toxic family even when it’s those closes to you (mother, father, siblings etc.)

I hope you can tune in 🥰 Thank you all for your encouraging words and support

DanYah “Dedee” 🥰🥰🥰

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