Sabbath Songs: Yahweh Rapha 🌈🎁

The Elohim Who Heals

He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.

He takes old things and makes them new.

The Lord is my buckler, and He is my shield so I shall have no fear.

He is close to those whom He holds dear.

My soul cries out because it misses You dry my eyes Lord, I need You.

Your eyes are upon those that love You.

Your grace wraps around those that trust You.

Why fear man? When the Great I AM has a plan!

He parted the Red Sea. He came down and died for me.

So, I will dance for the Lord because He keeps me safe from harm.

Great is His power! Great is His Love! Great is the Most High God above!

Help us Lord finish the fight until the end. Strengthen us El Shaddai to understand that we win

Heal me Lord, thou art my praise! I will praise Thee until the end of my days.

  • Selah

Sabbath Songs Vol: 2 Song to sing on the Sabbath. May Christ Keep you warm. ❤

2 thoughts on “Sabbath Songs: Yahweh Rapha 🌈🎁

  1. Cheryl / yekarah anne

    Shabbat shalom to you! It’s funny you said may TMH Yah keep me warm. Had a heating pad stolen from me and the thief is acting like I am in the wrong. I don’t know if she’s atheist or christian. I gave her $50 for her graduation present and it’s not like she doesn’t have money. Her mother invited me to stay with her until I get better situated to get my own place. I’m trying not to react to her daughter’s demon because I have nowhere to go. Her mother is a good person but she has caused conflict in our friendship. I’ve been praying Yah will keep me warm, and for a divine miracle breakthrough to restore me in my own home. Please pray for me. Thank you.

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    1. Aww Shabbat Shalom to you also! I been there before when you live with people you have to abide by their rules and there craziness. I pray Yahweh helps you because we are nearing the end. Just keep your head up and believe that he will deliver you in due time He is Yahweh Rapha The Lord who heals and He will heal you in this situation!!! You have it coming to you Sister ❤🤗 I love you! Stay hopeful He is near


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