😱Does Yahweh really call for Me to Honor My Abusive, Narcissistic, and Controlling Mother? (Exodus 20:12) 😬

I’ll be honest with you all here, I used to think that The Most High would hate me if I didn’t talk to my abusive mother. Because in a lot of ways I thought that mother was right all the time so surely The Most High was on her side, but alas evil has it way of manipulating those who are vulnerable, and ignorant to its devices. Growing up in this sinister environment I start getting molded from a early age to accept evil, and that the ambiguous behavior that was occurring from my abuser was normal and if I questioned it I was not only going against my abusive mother but initially God Himself.

What’s actually dishonoring a parent? Dishonoring a parent to me is simply bad mouthing them to people, calling them out their name to people. Plotting evil on them and telling people how you wish to do them in wishing death on them. Dishonoring a parent isn’t when you stop associating with them it just simply means you acknowledge them for who they are. The Most High God Yahweh gives everyone free will to do what they want, and to be who THEY want to be. Honestly it isn’t your job to change anybody the only one you can actually change is yourself, and the only one who can change anybody is Yahweh but that is only if the participate wants change themselves.Normally narcs don’t want change, nor do they desire to seek change because they feel that they are right and that they have authority to behave the way they deem fit. In such cases we call people like these reprobates the Bible even tells us so.†

Let me tell you one thing that I learned on my path of healing with The Most High your giving the negativity of your relationship with your narcissist energy when you bad mouth them or express how much you dislike them. That’s how demonic beings thrive and profit off you that’s how they drain your energy. I used to live in a cycle of hurt, regret, and shame until I actually got older, and I went no contact then I started to form my own relationship with The Most High.

I had to choose on that very day that I went no contact did I want to worship The Most High Yahweh, or did I want to worship my abusive controlling narcissistic mother? The Most High told me in order for us to have a successful intimate relationship I had to let my entire family go, because with them under the control of my abusive mother I would never have spiritual growth. Instead of being able to get closer to The Most High and the revelations that He provided they would be damaged by my family who claimed to know The Most High ,and worship Him but in actuality they were worshipping my narcissistic mother. My mother never loved Yahweh she didn’t even know Him or care to have a relationship with Him, she just always cherry picked that scripture about “Honor thy Mother and Father so your days can be long on this earth” so that she could make it look like The Most High was on her side while she abused me. I feel like that was a tactic used by the devil to make me turn my back on God, and to never actually pursue a relationship with Him, but as we can see it didn’t work.

I honor my abuser my accepting her for who she is I am not expecting change from her. I accept that the projections that were placed on me weren’t part of what lurked inside of me but actually my mother. My mother is sick, and she has issues my whole family all my siblings each have their own battles they are facing but they are keeping up the false façade that everything is normal. They forsaken me, and The Most High took me in they abandoned me and He accepted me into His home.

“Time is called The Most High in my book”

If you don’t feel at peace about it in your spirit then its not from The Most High Yahweh, if you are around someone and they make you feel uncomfortable or they are always making you feel unimportant. If they are always talking down to you, or they look at you will evil intent, cut these people off I had to cut my entire family off because I didn’t want to keep up the generational curse I wanted to destroy them. Do I regret it? No and neither will you. I pray someone gets edification from this post.

Have a Blessed and beautiful day. -DanYah❦

13 thoughts on “😱Does Yahweh really call for Me to Honor My Abusive, Narcissistic, and Controlling Mother? (Exodus 20:12) 😬

  1. Lesley

    DanYah, you have done exactly the right thing by going no contact with your mother. I wish I could have been that brave, but I went back time and time again until she died. You are now able to be healed and free to concentrate on your most important relationship, that between you and God. It’s true that, while we are under that kind of influence, it grinds us down with frustration and an inner rage. The devil must love it!

    We are told to honour our parents, but Ephesians 6:4 says “Fathers (and mothers),do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord.” (NIV) So if we’ve been treated cruelly, it’s understandable that we will become bitter and want to protect ourselves from further damage.

    I believe you are honouring your mother, as you said, by acknowledging who she is and facing up to the truth of the situation. More especially so, you are honouring God by freeing yourself so that healing can take place and allowing yourself to live the abundant life that God wants for you. xxx

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    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful words of encouragement and strength. Thank you so much it really means alot to me that others can also relate to my blog post May The Most High Yahweh Bless you💛💛💙💙 do you really think it’s brave for someone to walk away? It’s like I had no choice Miss Lesley, I don’t think I could go back according to my research and talking to countless people who also deal with abusive narcissistic family structures they say the older everyone gets the worst the abuse and treatment gets the narc never changes he/she gets worst. If we decide to stay we will be trying to please the narc we will try to do whatever we can to make THEM HAPPY instead of putting all of our time and energy on The Most High because Narcs aren’t happy with themselves how can they be happy with us. 🙈 It’s a hard pill to swallow and many people go through it. Thank you for reading 💛💙💙😘🤗

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      1. Lesley

        I do indeed believe you were brave to step away Danyah. Narcissistic people can be so intimidating so it takes a lot of courage and self-discipline to do what you’ve done. God bless you too. x

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  2. ilona madam

    In general i dony like people who try to model others we have to be free and to feel comfortable, parents role in our life is very important theu should make as feel good, free and confident, inspire us, you did the right thing💚

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