🌸💜Be Kind, That’s the Best Gift You Can Give Humanity🌸💜

Disclaimer: Your words can have the BIGGEST IMPACT ON SOMEONE, even on YOURSELF we can either build each other up with kindness or break each other down with cruelty. Always be cautious of how you use your words because in your mouth is LIFE and DEATH.

Meeting new people is always a exhilarating experience for me, I love talking but I especially love talking to new people. And listening to their kind words always make my heart melt, and one simple thought of consideration makes me smile because it shows me that we do have light in the midst of darkness and I can thank forfriendswithoutborders.wordpress.com because He nominated me for The Kindness Award.

Thank you Rob , (The V Pub) Your awesome💖


  • Thank the person nominating you, and tag them.
  • Write a paragraph or more on the experience of an act of kindness or something you have read or seen, or done, yourself
  • Nominate three people who have to follow the rules and do the same as written above
  • Paste and copy the picture from above on your post. Let the people you nominated know they have been nominated

As I said in the beginning I love meeting new people I work in a doctor’s office so I meet a lot of different people everyday. There was this one lady that came in to get her annual check up I noticed that she was jittery she was also very talkative, and self-conscious in the middle of her pre-exam she opened up to me about her insecurities, and why as a lady in her mid 50s she was so anxious. She told me about her childhood, and how she had a abusive narcissistic father, and how she was badly damaged from the years of verbal, and physical trauma she endured throughout her childhood. My heart immediately sank because I also went through the same things that she expressed she looked at me after she told me a little bit of her history I guess she was assuming I was gonna be like the rest of the world, and dismiss her hurts as petty problems that should be let go and thrown into the sea. I looked at the lady as tears started to weld up in my eyes, and I hugged her so tight I hugged her and I told her it’s gonna be okay I understand the same pain that she carries in her spirit. I told this patient that The Most High looks after children like us the hardest because He knows we were damaged even before we became complete that He is the only one that can heal and help us and that He wont FORSAKEN us. I told her that people who don’t go through this type of abuse would never understand feeling the pain of having a mother/father that doesn’t love them. I hugged that lady so tight, praying that the words of encouragement that The Lord planted in my heart became seeds in that sweet lady’s soul. Everyone just wants someone to listen to their pain. Like I said in the beginning your words are either Life or DEATH choose wisely and please be kind we are all fighting a different battle. Being Kind is the Best Free Gift.

Now for the best part nominating three people(I don’t know how to tag hopefully someone will help me) I decided to nominate three of the kindest people I have met so far on my blogging journey. I’m hoping that they can spread their kindness to you also just like they have spread it to me.




17 thoughts on “🌸💜Be Kind, That’s the Best Gift You Can Give Humanity🌸💜

  1. Danyah. I am almost speechless. Your heart is absolutely beautiful. As someone who can relate to every word you say, I simply want to say thank you for the love, kindness and empathy you show those who need us the most. Love is powerful. Light dispels darkness. You are a light and are a powerful one at that. You touch many many lives with your testimony. Bless you, sis! Much love to you. ♥♥

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    1. You are so precious. Thank you for telling your beautiful words I needed to hear this I needed to read this and soak it in you make my eyes tear up. I’m so grateful that someone or anybody can relate to the words I say I guess I’m just letting The Most High heal me and by doing that He heals others. Thank you for reading May He bless you also on your journey 💛💙

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      1. Aw Danyah, you have really touched my heart deeply!!

        It’s amazing how Holy Spirit uses us to pour into each other, knowing who needs to hear what and when. Often, we underestimate the impact we have in other’s lives.

        Never underestimate your worth. You’re beautiful in every way and are powerfully His, moving and shaking the camp of the enemy. Many many blessings to you, sweet Danyah!! ♥


      1. Nothing could make me happier than to know I’ve shared God’s heart with someone who needed to be encouraged. Thank you for sharing your heart and allowing me to speak into your life. 🙂

        God bless you, precious sis! ♥ Keep being you and shining your light ever so bright for everyone to see and learn from.

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      2. Thank you soooo much!! You made my day I really mean it. That’s one thing I pray I never stop doing is shining my light on people whom The Most High wants it shown too (: May He bless you. Praise Yahweh !!!

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