Be Aware of The Black Toxic Narcissistic Mother!

Disclamer: The topics I expressed in this article are based off of my experiences, and my journey to healing I am in no way, shape, or form insinuating that ALL black women are like this.!

Growing up in my childhood home my mother ran it with an iron fist, in my community(black) I noticed there are a lot of overdramatic black women who don’t understand how to voice themselves in a civilized manner. It’s like a rage consumes them, a rage that is bottled up inside of them waiting to escape out seeking to attack anyone it deems fit. Many (not all) black women I have encountered throughout the years were materialistic, moody, and at times they would come across as unstable and petty. There are so many people in my culture walking around with unchecked spiritual, emotional,and mental issues that it isn’t even funny if anything it’s quite conspicuous. Many of these issues occur in childhood they are the results of many women experiencing abuse, rape/molestation, and just being in a broken home with their mother as the stereotypical “Strong Black Woman” as the head of the household, and when I say broken I mean the domineering matriarch has also broken down, and destroyed any barriers for any healthy male contact in the family.

Typical queen bee attitude”

During our childhoods its a tender time for spiritual,and behavioral disorders to form and take root resulting in many women who come from this type of toxic background to become broken before they are even old enough to perceive what healthy, and normal relationships are. They don’t know how to love, let alone even love themselves resulting in many of these women trying to find an outlet from the pain they experienced in these traumatizing households. They feel a range of emotions that they feel scared to express to anyone out of fear of being ostracized or being deemed as “crazy” many turn to substance abuse just to cope with the burdens they carry. Most certainly, the black narc mother was scarred and done wrong throughout her life so now she lives life in a perpetual state of “I have to get them, before the get me” mentality. That goes for anybody,and EVERYBODY the toxicity spreads like a raging forest fire looking to consume anything that’s in it’s path,but more than often this fire(rage) is aimed at her daughter(s). With her sons she puts them on a pedestal resulting in him becoming her “son-husband” (YIKES!!!), she doesn’t want her daughters being better than her, and any ambitions or dreams the daughter(s) may express that she wants to do the maternal narcissist quickly shoots them down. The daughter can NEVER EVER show signs thats shes more articulate, smarter, or confident than the black maternal narc mother.

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She acts as if she doesn’t like her daughters, all while making sure they maintain a fear in them so that they revere her and they DON’T cross her role as “queen” or as I would like to call it matriach.Whenever their daughters do make accomplishments they mock them, or try to downplay them using competative tactics to ensure that the daughter knows that they are theBig Kahuna on the beach“. They covertly despise their daughters showing any ounce of independance because they fear that their child will leave their toxic nest never to return again(I did and many others are waking up and leaving also). Many of these women are jealous, and envious of the daughter’s relationship with their father(happened to me) they will also go as far as to accuse the father of the things that they themselves are doing. They use manipulative techniques to turn the daughter against her father resulting in her not being able to trust men, or to be to have a healthy relationship with one. Many black women from this type of background are victimized by their own mothers spiritually,mentally,and emotionally.

The abuse doesn’t stop when your older instead it only escalates, the maternal narc will always see you as a child(even if your married with children of your own)she will even try to control your household, and dominate your family. Many siblings from this environment normally are under her spell, the community is involved in this whimsical of dysfunctional nonsense the household puts the black maternal narcissist on a high horse so to speak. They rather appease the queen than be at the end of her abusive rages, that not only destroy her victims on the outside but on the inside as well. She runs her household with an excessive amount of pride, and intemperance always letting her children and spouse(if she has one, or an trap one) about her countless achievements, and how strong she is despite the many “battles” she has faced. The black maternal narcissist also doesn’t know how to raise her daughter(s) how to be a respectful, submissive, and loving wife who is supposed love and revere her husband running her household with a dignity and moral conduct surrounding God’s principles(Proverbs 31). Instead when her daughters marry, she will try to win over her daughters husband, or try to turn her daughters husband against her.

She may even try to make herself seem more alluring, and pleasing to her daughter’s husband in an attempt to sabotage her daughters marriage because in her mind her daughters husband is a better man than she has or could ever obtain. Normally in this setting, the black maternal narcissist loves to attack, and when you push back you are deemed as crazy or a problem child she loves to play victim to outsiders always griping about problems that in reality she actually causes. Many black women raised by these type of women are brainwashed into believing “That’s just how momma is”, or the famous”You only get one mother” line. Many black women from this end of the spectrum dont want to own up to the fact, or admit that they are being bullied, victimized, and ABUSED by their own MOTHERS resulting in them having severe emotional, and mental issues. Resulting in them dieing spiritually, these are generational curses that must be BROKEN the first thing you must do is go no contact then you can see the light of the Most High at the end of the tunnel. Many black women unfortunately, stay in this toxic dynamic with their mother because it gives them a “emotional high” (relationships like these are highly addictive). Resulting in the daughters having a fixation on negativity, and drama in other relationships causing them to display inadequate disposition’s of emotions. What’s the moral of the story?

“Just a friendly reminder strong, black, beautiful women”

The Black Maternal Narc is not something that should NOT be normalized in our culture(or even in society sadly it is)it’s something that should be looked at as it is NARCISSISM(JEZEBEL). No one wants to analyze it, or admit that their mother is a monster, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction this is an epademic that is quickly being shoved(not pushed) under the rug. Better yet, you shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you FREE.!

“Set yourself free today, Start your path of healing Call out to Christ today he can heal you”

Thank you so much for reading my post! have a beautiful day !! 🌈

Until next time on “Talks with DanYah” Ciao ❤

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20 thoughts on “Be Aware of The Black Toxic Narcissistic Mother!

  1. Wow I can relate to this so much. I have the same issue with my mom and it makes it hard to be around even in my adult years. I’m just glad that we can break the generational pattern of parents who aren’t emotionally available & healthy .

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    1. Yes Man! Alot of black women go through this and it’s like an epidemic people wonder why it’s so hard for us to love each other or even ourselves I have found (since I went through this too) that alot of black women have come from this traumatic back ground resulting in extreme emotional scarring. Big momma doesn’t want you to outdo her but God wants parents to raise their children to Be better than them thank you for reading my blog I really appreciate you! Thank you also for commenting 😙😙💐🌺🌻 HAVE A BLESSED DAY Ash 💙

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      1. This is so true! I realised over the past year how my relationship with my mom has impacted my relationship with others. The bond between mother and daughter is the first example of love. If that relationship was negative then it changes we way we perceived & love others. So glad you wrote about this- I’ve been suffering in silence and felt alone. Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day too 💜💜💜

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      2. Thank you so much sweetheart I thank God that someone was able to get edification from my article. No your not crazy or alone in this I feel like it’s a epidemic but don t worry about it I pray with this info you can move forward and be a stronger and better woman in God 🌸😄😊

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    1. Thank you Brandon for your words of encouragement. I do all things through Christ that strengthens me. And you are right it starts within our culture and most people are to scared to admit that we are messed up as a people many of our issues stem from childhood and not having a proper relationship with Yahweh and knowing His words. Many spiritual issues manifest as physical problems most ignore it or they just repeat the cycle. In most extreme cases I believe it is best to go NO CONTACT that way the person abused can detox from the negativity and find clarity away from the toxic demonic environment. Seeking The Most High for deliverance and healing. Thank you for reading May the Most High Heal you from ALL your troubles 🌹🌹.

      Dedee “DanYah”


  2. Good and faithfull servant of God

    Thank you so much, love from Belgium. I am starting to forgive myself now! This is the truth and it is setting me free. She works HARD for us, for the money. But I think she behaves like a monster, she wants us to succeed but not too much. I am tired of this, i forgive myself! I have messed up, but I forgive myself! Thank you so much! Is there a special prayer for our siblings we can pray. Because it has caused so much dammage in our house.
    Thanks in advance

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog I know I am late responding forgive me. I will pray for you. Yes ask for forgiveness from the Most High! ALSO FORGIVE the abusive parent but also forgive yourself. That was one of the hardest lessons I had to pass forgiving myself and my mother thank you 😊


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